Thermoforming — SPECS


Specs Advanced Material is a veteran in the business of engineered plastics. We thoroughly understand the different types of plastics handling, from the pressure and vacuum process. It helps to give the plastics the shape and form your business desires. We have complete end-to-end services for Thermoforming Malaysia.

Our products go through the process of designing, prototyping, final tooling, and eventually conceptualizing. But before any of these happen, we will consult with our clients to understand their business requirements. On getting the requisition, we will suggest the quote for each and then go for the Thermoforming process.

Whether ABS, Acrylic, HDPE, or others, we have all the advanced machinery to create high-end products for you. Call us to know more about us and our works in detail. We will help you get an overview as per the outcome and see if it aligns with your desires for the products including:-

  • Finish Parts
  • Component